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Welcome To Our New 2021 Website.  Feel Free To Take A Look Around !!!


We Currently have multiple in house and sub contract pilots available !

Pilot Car Services

We Do Provide All Legal Pilot Car Services ! 

  • Lead & Chase Pilots / Escorts
  • Height Pole Escort Services
  • Specialized Route Surveys
  • Surveillance Vehicles
  • Qualified- Subcontractors
  • Superload Support
  • Wire Lifting Services
New For 2021, Superload Support unit, 100 Gal Diesel, Fuel, Tools, Large Air Compressor, Etc.

(Except Steer-man or Tiller-Man Services.)

Roadside Services

  • Light Duty Roadside
  • Heavy Duty Roadside
  • Off Road Light Duty Recoveries
  • Light & Heavy Duty Mobile Chain Delivery, Install & Removal at your location !
  • Light to Moderate Roadside Repairs
  • 100 Gallon Diesel Fuel Upon Request

( Sorry we do not provide semi truck tire replacement services, however we do provide external repair services ! )

Our Roadside Services Are Unavailable Until Nov 1st 2024.

Traffic Control & Transport Services.

  • Emergency Traffic Control Services
  • Full & Partial Construction Zone Traffic Control Services.
  • Onsite Traffic Escorts.
  • Flaggers & Equipment.
  • Some Light Duty Hotshot & Transport Services.
  • Trailer Transport (Bumper)
  • 5th Wheel Transport
  • Motorcycle Transport

I-80 West & East New Restrictions, Near Reno & Truckee Areas.

HELPFUL INFO: Recent I-80 Oversize Restrictions : Currently None In Our Area UD: 4/29/2023.

Here is the Current Restrictions as of ...


- Pilot Cars, Traffic Control & Roadside Assistance Services. -



Need Our Services ? Call us !


Pilots / Traffic / Transport (Reno): (775) 842-2633 

Phone Hours: 7am to 7pm Anyday. Operation Hours: 24/7.


Roadside Services (Truckee): (530) 414-9484​ 

Service Hours When Available: 7am to 7pm & Longer Hours When Storm Conditions Exist.

(Roadside Services Are Available November 1st to April 30th Of Each Year)


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